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"Excellent support and lightning fast development!. Rotator fills the features gap left by the typical SAAS online survey apps. When you don't need branded urls or mass mailing Rotator is a good option. Tech support is very responsive and helpful. Developers implement new features / suggestions and are eager to improve. Also, many competitors seem to have no experience with actually conducting research themselves and ignore many professional features. So I would say Rotator is more advanced than some of the more well known brands."
Craig Kolb, Researcher
Acentric, South Africa
Rotator Mobile Interview


A CAPI Survey (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) is an face to face interview conducted in the field to obtain primary information. Mobile agents asks questions using a tablet computer, SmartPhone, laptop or any mobile computing device. During the interview, a dinamic questionnaire is shown on the device screen, this questionnaire is controlled by filters, skips and validation rules programed by the administrator. The data collected is stored locally in the memory of the device (off-line) and it can be sent later to a central server (cloud) for its consolidation and futher processing.

survey on mobile devices

Rotator Survey "Mobile interview" is the CAPI module of the Rotator Survey Platform, it provides a high level of efficiency for the gathering of the data. The questionnaire is created through a process called "Survey Modeling". To model a complete CAPI survey, to program its screens and its beahaviours, the admin uses a tool called "RotatorSurvey Modeler" (The Modeler) which is the main component of the suite. This software component need to be installed on a Windows PC running Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2019, etc.

In order to apply a CAPI questionnaire in the field you only need a tablet or SmartPhone with good batteries to last enough. During the interview, no Internet connection is required at the mobile station since all the data gathered will be store in the memory of the device, this feature allows the interview to be done at open or close locations with or without Wifi or Internet conecction. Once the interviews have been applied and the data has been collected, the operator can send the data collected to Rotator's cloud, which is a set of servers that allows data centralization before it is being downloaded back to the "Modeler" where remining surveys processes need to be executed, this procedure is simple, reliable, fast and secure. The Rotator Mobile interview (CAPI), performs a thorough data validation while the interview is being conducted, thus ensuring optimal quality and handling possible inconsistencies in a very intelligent and safely way.

Mobile interviews with Rotator require the following integrated modules:
  • Rotator Surveys Modeler which allows the complete systematization of the survey, minimizing possible human and technical errors. It allows the design of the questionnaire, its questions, skips, verbatim and the general flow of the interview.
  • Rotator Classifier, which allows the classification of open question texts in a easy to use and semi-automatic fashion.
  • Rotator OLAP Analyzer: Is the tool for the statistical exploitation of the data, it provides an user-friendly and intuitive interfase. (The data might be exported to other formats including Ms Excel and SPSS).
Ad-hoc and continuous Surveys using CAPI

Rotator Survey provides the required tools for the fully design of the electronic questionnaire to be executed on the mobile device, running any operating system such as Android, iOs, or Windows. Rotator can scale from simple ad-hoc surveys with few a questions, up until large longitudinal surveys with complex samples. Rotator Survey has no limits on the number of questions, number of variables, number of choices of response, periods of time, etc.

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