Rotator DataEntry
Fast and reliable data entry for PAPI surveys
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"For me, SPSS is like a Mercedes Benz from the 50's and Rotator is like Ferrari turbo convertible, with air conditioning and leather seats..."
Rafael Ramirez
Caracas, Venezuela
Rotator DataEntry

"Rotator DataEntry" is integrated component of the "Rotator Survey" software suite, which allows the smart, quick and reliable manual data capture by users that require loading data from paper and pencil (PAPI) surveys. Rotator Data Entry do not required a special training to use it, since its screens are very intuitive and easy to use. Users normally achieve a high level of productivity within the first few hours of exposure to the software with no training at all. Among the features of Rotator Data Entry we have:

  • Friendly interfaces, easy to use and learn.
  • Consistent integration to the ROTATOR SURVEY platform.
  • Easy to change the model without affecting the data.
  • Advanced flow of the inteerview.
  • Advanced detection of logical inconsistencies.
  • Multi-user environment. Multiple Pcs may be used to load data and then integrate them into a single repository.
  • Easy to find questions, variables, choices and to trace any object in the model.
The DataEntry for Surveys

Many experienced processing surveys users, consider the software as a simple utility, and not as a tool that can guide them through the whole process of the survey. That is a fundamental difference between Rotator and other software tools existing in the market today, such as SPSS or SAS. These applications focus more on a specific function, such as the data capture, the design of questionnaire, the quality assurance of the data, etc. but do not on the survey processes as a whole. Thence "Rotator" is not only an excellent Data Entry program, but far exceeds the functionality and expectation of the users who require processing any type of surveys. Any Data Entry application should allow the data capture quickly, efficiently and reliably, minimizing the human error while typing. The few existing programs of this kind, limit its function to transcribe data by operators, but in contrast, Rotator automates the entire process of the survey in an systemic, inexpensive and friendly way.

The best manual Data Entry program ever created

The Rotator Data Entry module is a set of screens that allows manual data capture in a friendly, safe and reliable way. Any person who has not used this type of software before is able to use it and be productive in minutes. The user just press "Add new" and fields are displayed sequentially for its filling. If there are skips between questions, or a special validation was programmed by the administrator, the software is able to manage them transparently. Rotator Data Entry operates in two (2) modes: The “Interview” mode and the “Typing” mode, The "Interview" mode provides an interface that is more or less like the filling of a Web page, and it can be used by anyone in the organization without requiring any training at all. The "Typing" mode is the preferred mode by advanced transcribers, since they achieve a higher speed while the software send them warnings if errors occur.