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In developed countries the current trend of polls in the field is the Elimination of the paper and the increasingly accepted mobile device use. To incorporate these emerging technologies these devices should be carefully evaluated to avoid incurring unnecessary costs, technical failures, or methodological flaws that put at risk the times and results of the Study.


The Android operating system has positioned itself globally as the tool de facto standar to conduct surveys in the field using mobile devices, the main reason for this phenomenon is the low price and effective functionality that has been tested by users around the world. Manufacturers of cellphones such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony and other asian brands now adopt this new operating system owned by Google, based on Open Source standards. In Latin America it is likely that in the coming years we see the complete replacement of paper surveys by mobile devices using Android, not only whitin the research industry, but in all companies that perform data capture in the field.


One of the most important processes in all market research is the field data capture. No single "capture" means the entry of the data in a device blind way, they must be hundreds (or but thousands) validation of each of the data entered to guarantee its optimal quality; validations of rigor as minimum and maximum permitted, consistent data type, formats and masks, and relations of flows and skips of the interview are now controlled automatically just in time to get up the data using low-cost Smartphones or tablets. The capture on paper and then its manual transcription is thing of the past. It is a current reality, which cannot escape are the companies that conduct research in the field and to raise data in external sites or on the street.


From the year 2005 and more forcefully since 2010, tablets are imposed as a fundamental tool for the worldwide market research firms. Already the capture of data in paper that thing of the past, the new generation of low-cost computers allow any person to operate a fully automated system capture field, thus reducing the use of paper in all stages of the research cycle. Most widely used field today tablets include the Samsung Galaxy tablet, Lenovo IdealPads and Genesis (Korean), but ultimately any brand of tablet running Android operating system may be used for these purposes.


RotatorSurvey has been proposed as a goal that any mobile computing device can be used to conduct interviews of field, running not just Android, but any operating system. If you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing mobile devices, keep in mind that different systems tend to disappear and it is estimated that surviving systems are just Windows RT (Surface), owned by Microsoft and Android property of Google. Experts agree the extinction of the operating operating systems such as Windows Mobile, Simbian and Black Berry.

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