Integrated Windows-Android Survey System
survey system
The Windows-based survey system

Rotator Survey professional surveys, is a complete suite of friendly tools that allows you to create and manage surveys of all kinds. Rotator Survey is the only application of the market for Windows, since most of the offer of systems and solutions for surveys available today in the market are based in Web technology, ie, in order to manage, collect the data and analyze results, you must have access to the Internet. Not so with Rotator, where all the modeling of the survey and much of the administration and collection of the data can be done in disconnected fashion, what is called, in Offline mode. Rotator provides user-friendly screens that operate efficiently with any version of Windows, either Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 as well as all recent versions. This offline modeling unique in Rotator, offers multiple advantages when compared to traditional online survey systems. Especially in those areas where telephony and Internet services are not fully available.

A database engine specific for data analysis

The very core of RotatorSurvey is a hyper-dimensional database engine called "Rotator", this is a proprietary technnology that uses a different approach to query structured data. Traditional RDBMS store data in tables and fields, but in OLAP models you use dimensions, hierarchies, and cubes to sotore and manage the data. Rotator hypercubes are transparent to the user, but it offer unprecedented power and versatility. It allows the user to create complex reports and charts just in minutes. For instance, in a survey modeled with Rotator it is possible to know what Bud Ligh beer drinkers think about a political issue crossed by age and sex, without having to export the data to SPSS, Excel or to any other statistical package. After a data cube is obtained, you will be able to slice it and dice, transpose it (rotate it) in order to obtain multiple views of the same information.

The FOLAP approach: A new OLAP approach for surveys

Rotator essentially uses a logic brought from traditioinal OLAP systems, but unlike them, it does not contain pre-calculated data such as MOLAP systems, nor does it perform transactional querying for data consolidation, as Hybrid OLAP systems or ROLAP systems do, the latter strongly leveraged from relational database engines such as Oracle, SQL 7 or postgress. Instead of that, each cell in a Rotator's hypercube contains a Boolean formula, which triggers its automatic calculation when shown in a chart or report of the user's GUI, i.e., as if it was an SQL statement; But without using this language and without using a relational database engine. For example, you could analyze what drinkers of Bud Light who support Donald Trum think about a political issue, its Boolean formula could be (V8 = 1 AND V20 = 2 AND V40 = 20). This simplicity and computational elegance makes Rotator's query engine a powerful, friendly and specific system to cross-tab any variable from the data collected in the field.

Survey systems, ONLINE vs OFFLINE

With the advent of the Android operating system, multiple applications have been updated in the market research industry, specifically in the way data is collected in the field, processing, validation and Analysis. In the past, CAPI systems, ie those where a face-to-face interview with a subjects was carried out, researchers had to collect the data using paper or in the best scenario through a laptop. Nowdays the same researcher can apply a CAPI survey in the field using his smartphone, either Android, IPhone or Windows. With Rotator Surveys, the modeling of the survey can be done on a Windows PC, but its application can be done with a mobile device. Rotator Software offers this Windows-Android integration, allowing to synchronize the data in the field with a centralized cloud database in a bidirectional fashion.

Download and try our system now!

Download our FOLAP application, install it on your Windows PC and enjoy the benefits and advantages of our platform, you will be surprise how incredibly fast it is to model your surveys, get the data and analyze your results in a new, unique, powerful and friendly way.