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"I used Rotator Survey for conducting a complex survey on mobile devices. I found this is a great application, all worked just fine.
Luisa Diaz
Bogotá, Colombia
Offline CAPI Surveys

RotatorSurvey Mobile interview is the CAPI module of the Rotator platform, designed for surveys that require the use of mobile devices in the field, such as Tablets, Smartphones, celular telephones (cel phones), notebooks or Laptops. This module provides easy-to-use, but powerful interfaces to achieve a high level of efficiency and data quality through the entire data collection process. The process of creating an offline mobile survey with RotatorSurvey, starts with the use of the "Rotator Study Modeler" component, which offers a great flexibility and speed in the design of the interview, its planning and administration. Once the questionnaire has been created, it may be uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded to any mobile device running the Google's Chrome browser. The questionnaire downloaded on the mobile device, mostly HTML and JavaScript code is very readable, easy to use and powerful.


Rotator provides the basic functionality required by typical mobile interviews to be conducted through operators or interviewers in the field. These devices do not require being online, since the questionnaire and the data collected will reside in the memory of each device. The basic features provided by the software are:

  • Scripts for opening and closing the CAPI interview (Verbatim)
  • Single choice questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Short text questions
  • Opinion text questions
  • Numerical questions
  • Code to tag questions
  • Date
  • Time
  • Validation of Min-Max values for numeric questions
  • Validation of Min-Max values for date questions
  • Validation of Min-Max values for time questions
  • Validation of text, email, phone, Ids, fixed width masks, etc.
  • Validation of "Don't know/No answer"
  • Validation of "Does not apply"
  • Validation of "All of the above"
  • Validation of "None of the above"
  • Validation of "Another, Specify"
  • Skip logic of questions
  • Instructions
  • Pre-instruccions
  • Post-instruccions
  • Warnings to operators based on conditions
  • Mandatory filling
  • Visibility
  • Randomness of choices
  • Hierarchy of choices
  • Skip to questions
  • Start interview
  • Edit interview
  • Save interview
  • Delete interview
  • List of interviews done
  • Advance to the next question
  • Return to the previous question
  • Jump to a especific question
  • Date and time of the interview
  • Duration in minutes
  • Responsible user
  • Login and passwords
  • Consolidation of the data in a central repository.

Rotator supports advanced features for the CAPI Mobile Interview, which add extra functionality required by most Market Research Firms. Most of these features are not easily supported by most Android Survey solutions that we have evaluated so far.

  • Questions type "Single choice selection tables"
  • Questions type "Multiple choice selection tables"
  • Questions type "Sequential tables (Rooster or carousel)" questions
  • Questions type Order selection
  • Advanced flow of the interview (IF THEN ELSE) formulas
  • Filter formulas of questions
  • Use of a predefinded "Base of participants": For surveys with probabilistic sample desing, where the demographics of the participants are known.
  • Assigment of each interview to a specific operator
  • Support of continuous studies such us "Panels" and "Pulses"
  • Smart Verbatim (For example: Why do you prefer the TOYOTA brand?) Being "Toyota" the answer to a previous question)
  • Preview of the data collected by each interview.
  • Preview of the whole data collected in reports or charts.
  • Possibility of attaching images, sounds and videos to questions.
  • Inconsistencies formulas to detect contradictions.
  • Add notes of the interviewer .
  • Geolocation of the Interview.
  • Add signture of the interviewer
  • Add signture of the interviewee
  • Suspend the interview and document the reasons.
  • Postpone the interview to another day or to another time.
  • Remind pending appointments

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