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RotatorSurvey is a powerful software application for Windows® aimed at professional Researchers, Market Research Agencies, Public Opinion institutions and Survey research firms in general that require a high quality software, maximum productivity, high confidentiality and low cost. Rotator Survey allows you to design, process and analyze surveys applied with all data capture methods, be it CAWI self-administered online questionnaires, CATI telephone interviews, CAPI offline surveys on mobile devices, offline and online kiosk surveys and even paper surveys.

20 years mature and robust survey software

RotatorSurvey, the most complete survey software tool in the market, allows users to achieve greater speed, efficiency and productivity than with traditional Online Survey services. Our software automates all the typical tasks in the life cycle of a quantitative study, allowing users to focus on the analysis of the data collected and not on the details of its processing.

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Super friendly and productive...

RotatorSurvey, the most robust and powerful survey software solution for Windows, allows to maximize the productivity of your entire research team, through intuitive, easy-to-use and friendly graphic user interfaces, all in all at an unbeatable low price. Any user without training will be able create, design and manage questionnaires of any size, extension and complexity. Researchers will be able to follow a pre-defined steps all according to the best practices applied by top market research firms around the world.

Start using our software now:
  • 1. Download the software setup
  • 2. Install the software and execute the "Study Modeler"
  • 3. Create your questionnaire and add questions
  • 4. Define skips and validation rules
  • 5. Publish your questionnaire in the cloud (or print it)
  • 6. Download questionnaire to tablets or SmartPhones
  • 7. Collect data in the field
  • 8. Classify open text questions
  • 9. Analyze results
  • 10. Export your data to Excel, SPSS or another software
  • 11. Share results with your clients online
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World class practices at your fingertips

Throughout 20 years of experience, our company has documented the best practices of thousands of Market Research, Political Opinion, Social and Electoral Research agencies operating globally. We have packaged the knowledge and requirements of renowned global market research firms that consume the information generated with our software, including KANTAR, NIELSEN, IPSOS, GALLUP, GFK, IMS, among others. In this way, RotatorSurvey is consolidated as the best software in Windows for professional surveys, at the level of the best tools to process surveys in the market.

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Super flexible survey software

The software tool for building surveys with amazing flexibility

Since RotatorSurvey uses a super-flexible database, even if your Study is in the field, you can still add questions to questionnaire, reorder questions, delete them, add choices, show them in in random order, hide them according to certain conditions, rotate them, etc, all without affecting the existing database. You can also detect in your survey when an interviewees are lying or contradicting themselves and take them out of the sample, you can determine the social stratum of respondents at the moment, and ask them specific questions accordingly. You can also use a preloaded Participants Base in Excel, among thousands of incredible features you never thought a low-priced survey software could have.

Lives up to the Best Open Source Survey Software Tools at a very competitive price.

If you have already evaluated a survey software tool based on Open source, you have noticed the multiple limitations found for its implementation, including difficulty to access qualified technical support, technical complexity involved in preparing the Linux servers and the difficulty to installing these applications and put them to work effectively. Not to mention the bugs and errors found without any documentation. All these and more reasons, makes using a on open source survey software tool a high risk for your research project. So do not think it twice, if your are looking for an professional survey software package, you should download and install RotatorSurvey on your PC today and see the difference for yourself in terms of quality, ease of use, technical support and fair price.

All data collection methods in just one survey software tool

You no longer have to purchase specific software for each capture method you require. With Rotator Survey you will design the questionnaire just once, and you will be able to apply it through paper surveys (PAPI), online surveys (CAWI), kiosk surveys, surveys with offline mobile interviewers (CAPI), or surveys in call centers through telephone operators (CATI). With Rotator Survey you will empower your entire research and field team, whether they are analysts, managers, supervisors, telephone operators, mobile surveyors or even customers. RotatorSurvey offers a free version for you to evaluate up to 100 cases.

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Is it better to buy an installable Survey Software or an Online Survey service?

Are you thinking about buying a SaaS (Software as a Service) online survey service, such as Survey Monkey or QuestionPro?, just wait! Here we have the top 10 reasons why most Professional Market Research Agencies prefer processing their studies in a proprietary survey software to be installed on their computers and networks. This list was obtained through several focus groups conducted with our survey software's client base. most of them are Market Research Companies who process everything from consumer panel surveys, to election surveys, to social and business surveys.

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A cost-effective survey software package that allows you to model your studies and save you time and money

Rotator Survey, the professional survey software application for Windows, allows you to automate the processing of quantitative survey-based studies. Allowing your study to grow in number of questions, answer options, sample size, quota size, Participant Base, field surveyors, telephone operators, data entry clerks, coders, supervisors. All without requiring an special software for each type of capture method. With "RotatorSurvey" you will be able to perform Proof of Concept Studies, Packaging Studies, Advertising Recall Studies, Mystery Shopper Studies, Store Audits, Product or Service Tracking Surveys, even surveys that typically require specialized software such as Benchmarking Studies, polls voting intention surveys, as well as electoral studies in general, business cluster studies, social studies, opinion polls, Omnibus surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, organizational climate surveys, pulse surveys for political opinion, corporate image surveys, consumer panel surveys and many other types of surveys that are processed daily with our software.

Our software is used by hundreds of users all over the world...