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RotatorSurvey is a professional software application for the Windows® environment, intended to serious researchers, Market Research and Public Opinion Research agencies of all types and sizes. RotatorSurvey is aimed at those users looking for a reliable system that allows them to maximize the productivity of the whole research team and to lower the costs. RotatorSurvey is among the best softwares on the market today and stands out for its ease-to-use screens, diversity of functions, friendly interfaces and thorough quality control.

RotatorSurvey allows you to create fluid questionnaires that will be applied on the field using any data collection method, either Paper, Web surveys, Phone interviews, Mobile devices, Kiosks working online or offline, etc. The software allows to control multiple surveys at once and offers a reliable, secure and friendly data collection process. You can unify and classify open text questions and ensure the quality of the study processes. You can analyze results intuitively or export your data to SPSS and Excel.

capturar datos de encuestas con óptima calidad

Super friendly and productive...

RotatorSurvey, the new Windows Survey software, will maximize the productivity of your entire research and field teams through intuitive and super-friendly interfaces. Any user without prior training will be able to use the program and create, apply and manage studies of any size, extent and complexity. Researchers can follow a predefined sequential logic of the typical processes of a quantitative study, all according to the best practices used by world-class market research firms.

  • 1. Download the App by clicking on "Download"
  • 2. Install the software setup and execute the "Study Modeler"
  • 3. Create a questionnaire and add your questions
  • 4. Define skips and validation rules
  • 5. Publish your questionnaire in the cloud (or print it)
  • 6. Download questionnaire to tablets or SmartPhones
  • 8. Collect the data in the field.
  • 9. Classify opinion open text questions.
  • 10. Analyze results in real-time
  • 11. Export to Excel or SPSS or another software package
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Surveys with a high level of security and confidentiality

  • PC-cloud Architecture with local and remote encoded data
  • Proprietary hipercubic DataBase Technology
  • Redundant data with local and remote backups
  • Restricted access based on role profiles
  • On-premises and cloud daily backups
  • Protection of statistical secrecy
  • Survey Systems with MD5 and HASH encryption
  • High Availability Servers located in Canada and USA
  • Confidential electoral Polls and surveys
  • Market Research studies with top Security
  • Surveys samples with Participants database
  • Surveys with quota management and even more...

Colect survey data with top quality

World class practices at your fingertips

Over the course of nearly 20 years, Rotator Software has documented the practices of hundreds of companies in the field of Market Research, Political Opinion, Social Studies and electoral surveys operating globally. Thus we were able to condense and package the best practices, experiences and knowledge into our software system. Therefore Rotator cannot be only considered as a tool for processing surveys, load data or analyze surveys, but an intelligent system that warns, recommends and evaluates the best actions to ensure the total quality of the different processes involved in your study.

Encuestas flexibles

The tool for surveys with amazing flexibility

Since Rotator uses a very flexible database no matter if your study is already on the field, you can still add questions to your questionnaire, reorder questions, delete them, add new choices, reorder them, display them in random order, hide them according to certain conditions, rotate questions randomly, etc. You can also detect when the interviewee is lying or contradicting himself and discard those interviews from the database. You can also determine the social stratum of the responder at the momment and apply specific questions directed to certain segments, among hundreds of amazing options you never thought the best survey softwares could do.

Lives up to the best Survey Softwares based on Open Source.

If you have already evaluated some open source based tool for survey control and management, you have noticed the multiple limitations that exist for its implementation, first the extreme difficulty of accessing qualified technical support, second, the technical complexity that involves the preparation of a Linux server, third the complexity of installing these applications and putting them efficiently and effectively into operation and finally trying to fix bugs or addressing errors without a any good documentation. All of these and more reasons make using on open source survey software a high-risk path for your research project. So don't think about it anymore, download and install RotatorSurvey on your desktop and you'll feel the difference that exists in terms of quality, ease of use, functional support and documentation.

An integrated survey system

You no longer have to buy a specific software for each capture method, with RotatorSurvey you design your questionnaire just once, and then you can apply it on paper (PAPI), Online (CAWI), on an offline kiosk, with offline mobile surveyors (CAPI), or you can use it to conduct phone interviews in call centers (CATI). RotatorSurvey, the Windows software package, empowers the entire research and field team, whether they are analysts, managers, supervisors, phone operators, mobile surveyors, and even clients. Rotator offers you a free version of the system for evaluation for up to 100 cases.

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The unique software package to Model, Automate and Process your Surveys

Rotator Survey is a software package specializing in Market and Opinion Research for Windows, it allows you to automate the various processes that cover the processing of your quantitative study, so that your questionnaires can scale in number of questions, answer options, sample size, quotas, field surveyors, telephone operators, transcribers, classifiers, field supervisors, etc.

Hundreds of users all over the world: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Ghana and more...