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"Rotator resulted as the most inexpensive but the most effective CATI software we ever tried..."
Veronica Oviedo
Rotator Phone Interview

RotatorSurvey allows you to transform a list of questions in a complete phone data capture system. Rotator is one of the friendliest CATI system on the market today (CATI: Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). All definitions that you build on the Modeler, such as questions, options, instructions, skips, validation marks, etc. will be considered at the phone interview.

Advanced features such as skips, flow formulas, visibility conditions, etc. can be implemented to control the flow of the phone interview. In addition, in order to make a more fluid and interesting interview, you can insert in a question the response given on previous question.

Rotator performs a comprenhensive control of the calls made by phone operators, control fields include: phone number, name of subscriber, status of the call, duration in minutes, number of attempts made, name of the operator, day, hour, future contacts, among many others. The interviews can be planned for a specific day or time and the system will remind the operator when that should be done.

The system has no limits in the number of operators you can define, thus you may conduct a low-budget cati survey with two or three operators and scale it further on to hundreds of callers if you need so.

In regard to the architecture you can implement with Rotator, there are many configurations you can have, the easiest and more affordable one is to use the Rotator's cloud to store your survey (CATI-ONLINE). In this architecture, operators can be located anywhere, including at their home to conduct the interviews, while at the same time, you as administrator can monitor the whole process online from your computer at home or from the office. This CATI-ONLINE configuration allows your to save money, because you do not have to own the whole hardware infraestructure to contact your surveys. A second moderate-priced configuration you might have, is to use a LAN network, thus operators can use a shared folder to get access to the survey. Finally, the third architecture you can have is to install Rotator on a Windows Server, in this architecture operators get access to the survey though a Terminar Server and calls are stored in a centralized fashion within the server. Depending upon your budget and level of security you require Rotator can adapt to your need at a reasonable price.

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A cost-effective CATI software

Rotator offers a very economical solution which will posible cost you a fraction of what you used to pay to companies such as Sawtooth. This is because most CATI systems were created in the 80s and 90s when programming costs where higher and computer technology was more expensive. This situation has drastically changed in the last decade, where hundreds of Windows software applications - in many fields - have been developed, including those in the Market Research Industry. Thus Rotator CATI software stands out in the global market not only for its advanced technical features, but for its fair and competitive low price. Wether you are looking to reduce costs or to replace an old CATI survey system, Rotator can be a low-price solution which surely will fit even on a tight budget.

Rotator CATI Surveys offers:
  • Simplicity: At Rotator we have evaluated several systems to create telephone surveys and we have taken the best of these system and discarded those cumbersome, expensive parts or those that create dependency on third parties. Since our purpose is to seek the simplicity, user-friendliness and the elegance of the minimal, in such a way that any person regardless of his/her level of knowledge can be productive in minutes.
  • Minimal training required: The friendliness of Rotator, allow that any person can create simple or complex questionnaires quickly and efficiently and put them into production on record time with a minimal training.
  • Intelligent Survey management: While the interview is being conducted, Rotator performs hundreds of validations to ensure that the questionnaire is being administered with the specifications programed and the quaility expected.
  • Scalability: Rotator was designed to scale from an architecture "on a network", which supports mid-sized surveys with a quite few operators, up to be virtualized or used on "Terminal Servers" supporting in this way large surveys with hundreds of telephone operators and even with remote operators located anywhere in the world.
  • Process Supervision: Rotator provides reports that show the evolution of the survey process and the productivity achieved by the survey team, providing indicators that monitor the efficiency and the effectiveness of each operator as well as the consolidated team.
  • No Internet is required: Rotator does not necessarily depend on the availability of Internet services to operate correctly, the application was designed to run on PCs or on Windows servers without requiring necessarily to be connected to the internet, this benefit allow you to maximize the security of the data and the availability of the product. In this sense our CATI solution does not require the Web to operate. However in the case that internet connection does exists at the point of the interview, you could activate additional services for your survey, like the possiblity of e-mail sending, etc.
  • Affordable price: Among the professional tools available in the market to automate telephone surveys today (CATI, WinCati) Rotator excels by its affordable price and its flexible on-demand licensing scheme.
  • Intuitive, easy to use, friendly: Rotator stands out for its ease-to-use and user-friendliness interfases, enabling immediate productivity of the entire team; supervisors, operators and administrators.

To simplify the system and make it more accessible to our users, Rotator does not perform the recording of the voice of the interviews. However, we know that many customers require voice recordings for the verification of the effective execution of the calls, or for taking isolated cases and study them separately. For these requirements, our recommendation is to use an independent system for call recording, which can be installed on a separate computer whose unique function will be the recording of the outgoing calls. An example of these systems is "VERSADIAL":, a company that offers a hardware (card), which attaches to a PC and turns it into a low-cost call recording facility. Please click on this link to learn more about this interesting product.

Click on this link to learn more about the ephone interview with Rotator.