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Excellent support and lightning fast development!. Rotator fills the features gap left by the typical SAAS online survey apps. When you don't need branded urls or mass mailing Rotator is a good option. Tech support is very responsive and helpful. Developers implement new features / suggestions and are eager to improve. Also, many competitors seem to have no experience with actually conducting research themselves and ignore many professional features. So I would say Rotator is more advanced than some of the more well known brands.
Craig Kolb, Researcher
Acentric, South Africa
Rotator Kiosk Station

"Rotator kiosk Station" is the module that enables data collection from a centralized device that users will use to fill out a self-applied survey. It is possible to use an ATM-type hardware, but you can also use any PC running the Windows operating system, where the "Rotator Kiosk Station" App will be installed. The application is perfect for collecting surveys in hotel lobbies, banks, supermarkets, meetings rooms, conference rooms, congresses, events, etc. or at any site where subjects gather together to respond the survey. Surveys application may vary from service satisfaction surveys, product testing, organizational climate measure, etc. Remember that surveys conducted with Rotator Kiosk Station are self-applied, i.e. no interviewer is required to apply them.

survey on kiosks

In order to apply the survey, any PC running the Windows operating system may be used as a kiosk. Although a "touch screen" hardware is not really required, a PC with keyboard and mouse is more than enough, the kiosk survey can be easily applied as long as the computer is placed on central location where respondents can easily access it.

kiosk survey

An aspect that differentiates "Rotator kiosk Station" from traditional Online-survey Saas services, is that no internet connection is required, since the application may operate through a LAN or even on a standalone computer. In addition to this feauture, no special administration or technical MIS support is required. Commercial Saas online-surveys services store data in servers normally located on remote locations, however in the case of the RotatorSurvey Kiosks Station, the data is stored locally on the same PC where the interview is being conducted, in this way a more secure treatment of the data and the questionnaire is achieved. Rotator Survey's "Kiosk Station" is an application that is installed on each PC where the survey is applied. The administrator uses a software tool called "Rotator Surveys Modeler" to create the questionnaire and share it through a LAN. The subject fills out the questionnaire in a self-applied fashion and the results can be analyzed in real time.

The administration of the Survey

The interface of the "Rotators Kiosk Station" has been designed to allow data loading quickly and safely. Once a questionnaire is responded, the samples and quotas are updated immediately and the administrator can log into the system to track each interview and to analyze quota status or data trends. The Admin may also consolidate the data from multiple kiosks into a single database, thereafter he or she may continue to other Modeler activities, such as classifying open questions, performing data quality tests, or just proceed to the analysis.

Fault Resiliance

The system performs automatic backups of the surveys on a timely basis and in the case of events like a virus or a disk crash; the system is able to execute an automatic recovery of the data. With Rotator Kiosk Surveys, it is possible to short questionnaires wclosed questions and a few cases, up to complex surveys that require hundreds of kiosks running large questionnaires with intricate flows and formulas and thousands of cases. In any case, the system is able to manage backups and restores automatically

Quotas control

The system is able perform the quota control through a easy-to-use graphic user interface which warns the administrator when quotas have been reached or when they have been exceeded. In which case the administrator may program specific actions for these cases, e.g. to reject the interview or to go to certain section of the questionnaire and then finish the interview.

The flow of the interview

Rotator Survey allows you to design the flow of the interview in a friendly and intuitive way, i.e. to define the actions to take when the subject gives any specific response. In this regard, it is possible to design an intelligent self-applied questionnaire without any previous training or knowledge. Rotators GUI will intuitively guide the user from questionnaire creation up until the analysis of the data.

Changes to the questionnaire while it is been applied

Another great advantage of Rotator Survey is the possibility to apply changes to the questionnaire while the survey is on the progress. I.e., it is not necessary to stop the survey process, or to close a kiosk station in order to do any change in the sequences of the questions, to add or remove questions or to set any new survey parameter. In this scenario, the administrator just make the change, compiles the survey and then these changes are applied automatically and transparently on each kiosk station.

Real time analysis of results

There is no need to finish all data collection process to have a preview of the results. While subject perform the filling of the questionnaire, the administrator is able to log into the system and get a report or chart.

Data and System Audit

Rotator can handle various types of user roles, which provide different levels of security and access to specific parts of the system. Additionally, the system provides auditing capabilities that allows keeping track of each piece of data, as for example to know the date and time when questionaire was inserted or when a modification took place. Finally, the system is able to keep a log of activity to allow data auditing at the kiosk survey station.