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Free license up to 100 cases
I installed the software and it was really useful for my research work, the software is really good, very handy and easy to use.
Will Roman
Lima, Perú
Fully integrated online surveys with advanced features
The most flexible software platform to conduct Online Research

Rotator's Online CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) module allows advanced data collection through self-administered online surveys for those research studies where respondents have Internet connection. The main difference between RotatorSurvey versus other options in the market place for online surveys, is that in Rotator all definitions are made on your PC, and then uploaded to the server, thus increasing user productivity and speed, since web navigation times is usually slow when moving from one screen to another. In addition, Rotator Surveys supports complex structure surveys, large surveys, and surveys with advanced features, which normally are hard to create with traditional online SAS services such as SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro, among others. If you are looking for specialized software for online surveys, that allows you to automate the field work efficiently, accurately and quickly, Rotator is the software solution you are looking for, designed for market research units, public, social and political research companies as well as independent researchers who demand high quality, high productivity, high accuracy and low cost.

Software alternatives to replace SurveyMonkey, QuestioPro, Qualtrics, Google Forms, LimeSurveys and other online survey systems

Are you tired of the null or bad technical support that some off-the-shelf Internet survey companies provide?, are you looking to replace the survey system you have been using for years, for a more friendly, economic, fast, flexible and powerful solution? to assist you in all the stages of your research study, from the creation of the questionnaire, through the collection of data in the field, to the analysis of results... Well, welcome to RotatorSurvey, at Rotator we always receive users from other online survey companies, either because of the bad support they received, or because of technical failures that have led them to look for other online survey software providers, or simply because their vendor do not support the advanced or complex feature they require for a specific survey. We want to introduce you to our Rotator's "Online Survey Module". Our flexible, self-applied Online survey module is very powerful yet user-friendly and intuitive. You can create everything, from surveys with easy logic up to large, complex or surveys with a complex logic, with many question skips, complex formulas, or which require an external database of participants or guests (panelists) to be imported from Excel.

Advantages of RotatorSurvey's Online Survey for market research companies
  • Possibility of combining in the same study multiple data collection methods: Paper, Web, Telephone, Kiosks and Mobile-Offline Interviews. Without the need for specialized survey software or service for each specific method.
  • Rotator's Online survey is a part of the Study process, and not an ultimate goal, as it is in traditional online survey systems such as SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro, Google Forms and others. All the carpentry required to unify the data, to classify the open responses, to validate and control the quality of the data collected, etc. is covered entirely by our software.
  • Rotator focuses its attention on complex and large questionnaires, typically applied by Market Research and Public Opinion Companies in the field, offering advanced features that are not supported by many mass survey service vendors. Unlike traditional Online Survey SAS Services, Rotator supports: Advanced Quota Control, Advanced Skip and Flow Management, Support for Continuous Studies: Panels or Pulses, Quota and Sample Management (Participant Base), among many adavance feautures Market Research Companies require.
Basic features supported by Rotator Online Survey
  • You can display a page counter on each page of your Questionnaire.
  • You have a variety of styles to choose from, or you can display your survey in a minimalist style to keep the respondent from getting distracted.
  • You can show or hide the question codes.
  • The respondent can postpone the completion of the questionnaire and set a time and date to take it again.
  • Rotator's online survey can be easily integrated into any online panel system.
  • Rotator's servers can send you a notice by mail when a survey has been answered.
  • There are 2 forwarding modes for survey filling; STRICT and FLEXIBLE, in the strict one the respondent cannot go backwards.
  • You can insert a header and a footnote on each page of the questionnaire.
  • You can upload your corporate logo and use a color palette in your questionnaire so that whos compatibility with your brand.
  • You can define a minimum date and a deadline for the completion of the questionnaire.
  • We offer 5 levels of hosting plans for Online questionnaires, to adapt the service to the volume of work you handle.
  • We provide you with an online data analyzer which displays chsrts and tables of the raw results before the data is unified and classified.
  • For the open questions, textual and opinion texts, you can get a word cloud chart which allows a visual and friendly analysis of the results before being coded.
  • And many more amazing basic features for the online survey
Advanced Features Supported by Rotator Online Survey
  • Prevent repeated questionnaires by validating the IP address of the PC where the questionnaire was filled out.
  • Prevent repeated questionnaires by validating cookies placed on the PC where the questionnaire was filled out.
  • Prevent the survey from being filled out or sent out by bots, viruses or malware that may be installed on some users' computers.
  • You can collect the geolocation coordinates where the survey was filled out.
  • You can generate a QR code from the survey to print on posters, or place it on your corporate Site, so that users with smart phones can access the survey by taking a picture of the QR code.
  • You can request a Login and Password to the respondents to access the survey.
  • You can add photos, videos, sounds and any multimedia document you require to questions.
  • You can send coupons to the respondent as an incentive or reward for completing the questionnaire.
  • You can control the online survey sample size by using a table of combined attributes, so that each combination will correspond to a unique case to be collected.
  • You can define quotas by sex, age, city, stratum and by any socio-psycho-demographic variable you have created in the questionnaire. This way you will have a sample stratified by quotas. and it will be easy to project your data to the total population.
  • You can block the completion of the survey once a certain number of records have been reached, without having to define quotas according to the variables of the questionnaire.
  • You can define when surveys are considered "abandoned" and you can resend invitations to fill them out again.
  • If a respondent does not complete the survey and abandone it in the middle of the questionnaire, he/she can take it up again by simply navigating back to the same url, so that the data he/she had filled out will be automatically retrieved.
  • You have at your disposal a battery of servers in the Rotator cloud to select any to publish your questionnaire, or if you wish you can buy a private server for your exclusive use.
  • You can page through the online survey, either each question on one page or the entire questionnaire on one page.
  • You can display a Google map to select a point on the map, that is, select a latitude and longitude coordinate.
  • You can define the location, date and time of the server to apply surveys in other countries outside your time zone.
  • And many more amazing advanced for the online surve...
But there are too many services, tools and systems to create online surveys, what should be the criteria to select the one that fits best my need?

The selection of the software, tool, system or application to conduct a Web survey depends on many factors. First, if your survey is a small and uncritical, you can use Google Forms, Google offers you the possibility of conducting simple surveys on the Web, but bear in mind that you will not have any technical support, so nobody will be responsible for your data nor for your survey. Once you have discarded Google Forms and other "free" options without support, you can consider the ''shareware'' versions from specialized companies such as,,, alchemer. com (Antigua Survey Guizmo),,,,,, or any other ones that the Google search engine returns. Normally these companies offer you a maximum of free responses (typically up to 100 cases). If you need to capture more than 100 cases, then you should choose to contract any of the above-mentioned paid services. The average price ranges from US$ 20 per month to US$ 500 per month. We invite you to download our application Rotator Survey, so you can see why Rotator Survey is the preferred survey solution for serious Market Research and Public Opinion companies Worldwide.

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