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I managed to install the software perfectly, I loved it, it's very complete and easy to use, also intuitive and dynamic as well...Thank you!
Evelin Saavedra
Bogota, Colombia.

RotatorSurveys ''Phone interview'' (CATI) offers great power and high productivity through its flexible and user-friendly interfaces. The system has been completely developed with the easy-to-use feature in mind and its graphical interfaces make it the most productive CATI system in the market today. Our software increase the productivity of Call Centers and Market Research Agencies which conduct telephone surveys of all kinds. The software helps them to reduce costs and increase the quality of processes and data. RotatorSurvey "Phone interview" is a low-cost modular platform for CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) designed to meet the needs of all users involved in a CATI Research Project: Supervisors, Operators, Analysts, Managers and Clients. The system performs a strict control of each call and allows to get a data with optimal quality and a totally fluid process. The questionnaire can be created in minutes by the Administrator, without or with a minimum training, and shared on the network, so that it can be accessed by the team of operators, who surely experience a fluid work and a high productivity.

No Internet connection is required

Something that differenciate Rotator's "Phone interview" (CATI) from other CATI System existing in the market, is that it does not require a connection to the internet, since Rotator is not a Web application. It operates through a simple multi-user network architecture, which requires no administration nor any special computer support. Thus users achieve a great autonomy and no (or minimum) dependency on technical support. Typically the existing CATI systems developed for the Web offer the on-line connection as a comparative advantage, however in practice, these systems require a "good" connection (bandwidth) to the Internet to be able to operate efficiently, which sometimes is not possible for small organizations that do not have the resources, or that operate in remote areas where the internet connection is not that good. On the other hand, if there is availability of internet in the interview station, this tends to become a "Games Center" for online games, Social Networks or Chat, which undermines the productivity of the operators. Rotator Surveys "Phone interview" (CATI) consists of a simple exe program that is downloaded and installed on each PC where the telephone interview will take place. The administrator uses the componente called "Rotator Surveys Modeler" to create the questionnaire, to administer the survey and to collect and consolidate the data. If the survey require many telephone operators, or the installation PC by PC becomes difficult, the application can be executed centrally on a Windows Server and it can be virtualized using the "Terminal Server" feature that is packaged withinh the Windows operating system, or you may use other Applications-virtualization tools available in the market.

Appointments control and interview postponement

In order to ensure that all subjects are surveyed, operators can initiate a telephone survey and complete it later on by establishing an appointment with the interviewee to a specific time or date. This feature allows to save effort, time and a great flexibility through the interview process, since in many cases the subject is unable to complete the interview, so we can postpone it to a more convenience moment. In this scenario, the system will remind the operator when an appointment is close, so s/he can make the contact again.

The administration of the surveys

Rotator Surveys interfaces has been designed so that operators load data quickly and safely onto the system. Once they entered the data, the samples and quotas are updated in real time, and the administrator can log into the system to track each interview, to monitor the performance of each telephone operator, or to analyze the status of quotas. Rotator Surveys friendly interfaces allow the system to be customized to meet the different policies or practices of the research firm, for example, to control how many times a telephone number can be dialed, to control which days the perators may work, etc.

Contingency in case of failure

The system performs automatic backups of the data, which can be scheduled by the administrator of the survey, this feature help us to avoid accidental loss of citical information in the event of a virus, worms, or under any unexpected contingency. The system has been built for auto-recovery in case of failure. It can scale from simple survey with about five phone operators up to hundreds of users in large call centers. In addition, it is possible to support a simple 10-question survey up to to complex surveys with hundreds or thousands of questions with intricate flows and complex formulas.

Quotas control

The system can optionally perform the control of quotas through a simple usetr-interface which warns the administrator when the quota for a particular segment has been accomplished, or when for some reason it has been exceeded. In which case you can plan an specific actions for these cases, for example to refuse the interview or to skip to certain sections of the questionnaire. The system is able to assign phone calls to operators, either in a sequential, proportional or random fashion. When an operator is not able to a handle a specific interview (because of language, personal problems, etc.) he or she may transfer that case to another operator, who is available at that time, in this way, the work does not get accumulated and the survey process can continue steadly and without any delay.

The flow of the interview

Rotator Survey "Phone interview" allows you to design the flow of the telephone interview in a friendly and intuitive way. The "flow of the interview" means basically what actions to take in the event that a subject selects any choice or a specific set of answers within the survey. To program the flow of the interview, the administrator counts with many advanced tools including "simple skips" among questions or "jumps", or even advanced flow formulas or "Conditions and actions" formulas that allows to analyze multiple answers before deciding what action to take.

Changes to the questionnaire in real time

One of the notorious features of RotatorSurveys is its ability to change the structure of the questionnaire in real time, with not impact at all on the progress of a Survey. I.e., it is not necessary to stop the CATI survey operations to make any changes in the questionnaire, as for example to change the order of questions, to add or remove questions, or to establish any parameter of the survey. In these scenarios, the administrator simply makes the change required and compile the survey, then the changes are updated automatically and transparently in the cati stations.

Analysis of results in real time

There is no need to finish the whole capturing of the data to check the surveys results. While the interviews are being appled, the administrator can enter into the system as an user with role "Analyzer" to get charts and frequency tables with the existing data. Thus he may create any report or chart as necessary to check how data is being collected.

The audit of the data

Rotator Surveys provides extensive capabilities for auditing the data and the system. The system allows to track the data from any screen of the software and internally it assign each piece of information to a responsible user. The system allows to keep logs by user, allowing the audit of the data and of the system as well.

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