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"The software is very intuitive, user-friendly and cost-effective. The Analyzer delivers clear and precise results. In general the software is clean, easy to use and understand and very complete indeed. If I didn't have ROTATOR, I'd use Excel, but It'd take me weeks or months the get the same results. Excellent software at good price. I would not hesitate to recommende it..."
Pablo E. Velez H.
Bogota, Colombia
Rotator Study Modeler

Rotator Study Modeler is the main component of our solution called "Rotator Survey Platform", which allows the design and deployment of quantitative studies that uses a survey as a data collection method. This is accomplished through an intuitive and friendly graphical user interface and a simple sequential method that guides the researcher step by step, from the creation of the questionnaire up to the collection of the data in the field and its consequent analysis.

"Rotator" uses a proprietary OLAP technology (Online analytical processing) which allows storing the data using hyper-cubic structures, this feature enables a powerful treatment of spatial data typically present in most surveys. The Rotator OLAP-cubic approach is hard to be modeled using traditional flat tools like SPSS or Excel, or if a commercial OLAP tool is to be implemented to support a Survey, it probably will demand too much technical effort and support. Rotator's built-in OLAP engine offers a rich analytical environment, yet friendly and powerful.

Rotator Study Modeler supports multiple questions types and variables; like single choice, multiple choice, ordinal, scalar, numerical, short texts, opinion texts, and even images, videos, sounds for sophisticated surveys that require these data types.

RotatorSurvey allows the collection of the data in the field by using any capture method, including the Web, mobile devices, paper and pencil surveys, PCs or laptops. Studies in Rotator may be applied through interviewers or operators as CATI, by face-to-face interviews using paper (PAPI), by modern electronic devices (CAPI) or they may also be self-applied, like Online Surveys (CAWI), self-applied PAPI Surveys as well, or Kiosk Surveys. All these options empower the researcher to have no limits in the way the same questionnaire can be applied.

Rotator automatically executes multiple processes to guarantee the quality of the data; it warns the operator when something is not going right, rejects human errors just at the moment of the interview, fully debugs the questionnaire to produce a clean and perfect model and assure the integrity and consistency of the whole information gathered.

The methodology and tools proposed by RotatorSurvey allows the speed up of the survey design, the data capture and the analysis of results and everyting at a very low cost. Rotator offers a novel solution that is comparable to the best tools of its class in the global market.