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Evelin Saavedra
Bogotá, Colombia.
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With the massive penetration of mobile technology, Market Research is being conducted with the phone at hand. Especially in those studies where data need to be collected in the field from face to face interviews. Recently, RotatorSurvey, a Venezuelan company, launched its Smart Survey software suite "CATI", which allows you to conduct phone interviews in a friendly, reliable and powerful way. Our system promotes market research world-class practices helping our users to make promptly decisions about theirs products, brands, advertistment, package, distribution, etc.

"Rotator Phone Interview" is the new CATI survey module of the Rotator Survey platform, the software that allows to desing and apply phone studies of any kind. Our CATI system allows you to support from short polls up to large surveys with hunmdred of questions. This is achieved through a friendly and intuitive user interfaces that guide the researcher step by step, a rapid design of the questionnaire, a smart management of the sample, and immediate high quality data, leading faster to the analysis even while the calls are being made.

In addition, while the phone calle is being made, the system creates online reports for interviewer performance assessment, thus the researcher can view charts and reports to monitor the trends of the preliminary results. "Rotator Survey Interview" is the preferred software of many reasearch companies for its easy of use and powerful functionality. Among its users are renowned transnational firms such as IPSOS, NIELSEN, PROCTER AND GAMBLE, among others.


Unlike Online survey systems available on the Internet, such as and others, RotatorSurvey focuses not only on the survey itself, but in the whole study process. This is because Rotator focuses its attention on what we call the modeling and systematization of the entire study.


A complete survey system is one that manages the whole life-cycle activities of a study. That system should be able to create questions in a simple and easy way and if necessary to allow the rotation of these during the interview, hence the importance of having a specific system for creating and managing surveys, a vertical system that allows complete automation of all phases of the study, including data capture, text classification, data cleanup, and mechanisms to ensure data quality and integrity. This system must ensure the quality and cleanliness of the data in a way that when applying statistical tests, the cleanliness, consistency and logic of the captured data are guaranteed. Another element to keep in mind when selecting a system to process professional surveys is the possibility of using any data colction method, either be paper, phone interviews, Online surveys, Mobile devices, etc. Doing a mix of these methods is sometimes useful because subjects you are going to study are not always available for a self applied survey. When applying face to face interviews in the field there are 2 options to gather your data: either we use paper or a mobile computing device, each one with advantages and disadvantages, both methods are fully supported by Rotator.


RotatorSurvey provides the quality of processing that many Market Research companies expect, for this reason renowned worldwide companies dedicated to market research, as well as public opinion research agencies love the quality, versatility and robustness of our software. Among these firms we have IPSOS, TNS, Gallup, IMS among hundreds of mid-size and small agencies worldwide which have confirmed the quality of our product. Our recommendation for those researchers who are confused with so many options of survey software, is to do a thorough evaluation, not only focusing on its data capture and analysis capabilities, but on the whole processing of the study. Since our company is aware of the technological, methodological advances and best common practices used by leading research firms we always include new functionality which empower our users no matter their size.