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I loved your program, it's very complete and easy to use, very intuitive, practical and at good price too, Thank you
Evelin Saavedra
Bogotá, Colombia.
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With the massive penetration of mobile technology, today a good share of the Market Research studies are being conducted with the phone at hand. Specially in those studies where data cannot be collected in the field from face-to-face interviews. Did I mentioned COVID?. Recently, Rotator Software, a small Venezuelan startup company, launched its intelligent Survey software suite call "Rotator Survey" with an interesting low-budget-all-terrain "CATI" module, which allows market research agencies to conduct Phone interviews in a friendly, reliable and powerful way. At Rotator Survey we empower small and mid-size Market Research companies with world-class practices we have observed and documented over more more than a decade of software development, helping our users get actionable-high quality data which allow them to position in their markets as "fast-reliable and price-competitive" data providers.

"Rotator Phone Interview" is the CATI-survey module of the Rotator Survey platform, the software tool that allows you to design and apply studies of any kind, using any data collection method. Rotators CATI system can scale from short polls, up to large surveys with hundreds of questions and thousand of cases. All this is achieved through a friendly and very intuitive user interfaces which guides the researcher step by step from the creation of the questionnaire up until the analysis of the data. The data is full validated, cleand and proepared trough intelligent algorithms wich are totally transparent to users.

In addition to this, while phone calls are being applied, the system can create online reports to analyze the interviewer performance. The system shows special charts and reports to monitor the operator activity and give you an insight of the performance of the entire research team.


Today on the internet there are many cheap options for online survey solutions that you might have thought to use to execute your phone research project. Tools like Survey Monkey or QuestionPro might be used alternatively instead of a vertical, specialized and professional CATI phone system as WinCATI from Sawtooth. The problem with this approach is that an online-self-apply survey follows a totally different course and methodology than a phone-voiced CATI Survey. CATI systems need to monitor the activity of our callers, we need to control the different status or incidences the operator found when he tried to reach our target subscriber. We need to control postponed calls and appointments, we also need to load a Participants Base of the persons to be called. None of these options are supported by online self applied survey system as Survey Monkey, because again they do not require these special features as a CATI Survey does. Unlike Online survey systems such as SurveyMonkey and others, our cost-effective CATI software "Rotator Survey" focuses not only on the survey itself, but on the whole study process. This is because Rotator Survey understands that the methodology that need to be apply in a CATI context research is specific, different and that require a vertical approach.


Small Market Research companies at a global scale, those ranging from 1 to 50 employee, struggle hard in many directions to get the work done with highest quality possible, but at the same time at a reasonable low cost. Many of them, simply cannot afford to get a vertical system like WinCATI, which costs thousand of dollars yearly, amount that increases as the number of the calling stations need to grow. Many firms from Brazil, Africa and Latin America do not generate that revenue to pay an annual fee for those software services. Therefore some of them tend to replace the CATI system with a Survey Monkey web page and end up with a poor quality data and with complex issues to control the quality of the CATI process.


At a very competitive price, RotatorSurvey provides the processing quality that many Market small Research companies demand and expect. During these long 15 years of hard work we have build a large customer base composed of small and mid-sized market research firms as well as small Public Opinion Research Agencies which are scattered all the way down from Latin America, Brazil and Africa. These companies love the quality, versatility and robustness of our unique Windows software. Most of them collect and process data for IPSOS, TNS, Gallup, IMS and other final users. These agencies do confirm the quality of our products, support and services.


There are many solutions for Computer Aided Phone Survey systems out there in the software market, ranging from the very low-price product, all the way through the economical ones and up to how-much-you-can afford. If you are tight budget, as a good researcher yourself you need to check, compare and evaluate at least 5 vendors from this list. At the end, you not only will get a a fair price, but some headaches less too.