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The software is amazing, the interfaces are awsome, practical and easy to use indeed.
Will Roman
Lima, Peru
Rotator Online Survey empowering the Online researcher
The most advanced desktop software for conducting Surveys on the Web

The Rotator CAWI module (Computer Assisted Web Interview) allows you to colect data through online surveys, which can be self-applied by users with a Internet connection. All definitions you have done at the Modeler, such as Questions, Choices, Instructions, Skips, Validation formulas, etc. will be considered in real timne while the questionnaire is being filled out. The main difference between RotatorSurvey vs. other options for online data collection available on the Internet, is that the questionnaire and all its definitions are done on your PC and then uploaded to a Server. Alhough this way of working seems to be old fashioned, it actually enable high speed and high productivity to the whole survey team.

Advantages of the Online survey with Rotator:
  1. Possibility to combine multiple capture methods in the same survey: Paper, Web, Phone and Mobile devices. Therefore there is no need for a special software in each case.
  2. The Online Questionnaire is part of a comprenhensive process of modeling a Survey, and not its ultimate goal. So all the cleaning required to unify the data, to classify the open questions, to review the quality of the data, etc. is covered entirely by software.
  3. Rotator focuses its attention on questionnaires that typically apply the Market and Public Opinion Research companies, offering advanced features that are not commonly supported by online surveys vendors. Unlike traditional Web surveys sites, The Rotator Online Surveys module supports: Quotas control, Advanced skip logic, Advanced features for panels or pulses studies, Sample management (Base of participants), among many other options.
Online Surveys working in two modes: Public and Private.

In the Public Survey mode, anyone who has access to the Surveys URL can answer it. Rotator will validate through the IP address of the PC where the questionnaire was answered, that its filling is performed just once. This mode is perfect for mass surveys that need to be conducted on social networks.

In the private Survey mode, only persons who are part of a data base (Base of participants) can access it. The software might request the email and PASSWORD of the participant and validate it against a data base (Base of participants). Thus, the "private" mode is perfect for customer satisfaction surveys, organizational surveys, internal questionnaires to be published on an intranet, etc. In the "Private" mode, the user is able to edit his/her data even after it has been sent.

There are many applications for online surveys, which one should I choose?

The selection of a software, tool, system or application to conduct your Online survey will depend on many factors. Firstly, if it was a small uncritical survey, for a personal use, you could use Google Docs, Google offers the possibility of conducting surveys on the Web, but keep in mind that you won't receive any support from them, and no one is goingh to be responsible for your data, or for your survey as well. Once you dismissed google Docs and other free options, you might to consider the "free" version of some specialized softwares, such as,,, or any other that you get by Googling, these options offer you a free of charge access with alimit of responses (typically up to 100 cases). If you need to collect more than 100 answers, then you will have to seriouly consider buying its services. Prices on average start at $19 per month, which is more or less $200 per year. We invite you to download our application, so you can realize by yourself why Rotator Survey is the preferred surveys solution by professional researchers out there.

¿How to create a free Online survey?

If you are looking for a software or application that allows you to create a simple survey for free, just to post it on your blog, there are many options available over the internet. However, keep in mind that a thing is a small survey of two or three questions, and something different is a survey consisting of multiple types of questions, intricate flows (skips) and with quota management, if the latter is your case, try to download and test the Rotator Survey application, it will certainly help you in your project. Rotator is free up to 100 cases, if you need more, you can purchase a low cost academic version, which can hold you up to 1000 cases. Good luck in your search!

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