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Fast, affordable and reliable data entry for PAPI surveys
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"For me, SPSS is like a Mercedes Benz from the 50's but Rotator is like Ferrari turbo convertible but very inexpensive..."
Rafael Ramirez
Caracas, Venezuela
Rotator DataEntry

"Rotator DataEntry" is a low-priced software component of the "Rotator Survey" software suite that allows the smart, quick, reliable and economical data capture by users who require loading data from paper and pencil (PAPI) interviews at a reduced cost. Rotator Data Entry does not require a special training to use it, since its forms are very intuitive and easy to use. Users normally acomplish a high level of productivity within the first few hours of exposure to the software with no training at all. Among the features Rotator DataEntry offers we have:

  • Friendly interfaces, easy to use and learn.
  • Consistent integration to the ROTATOR SURVEY platform.
  • Easy to change the model without affecting the data.
  • Advanced flow of the interview.
  • Advanced detection of logical inconsistencies.
  • Aplication of advanced skip logic.
  • Multi-user environment. Multiple users may load data to a centralized repository.
  • Easy to find questions and variables.
  • Transcription mode for advanced users.
  • Interview mode for rookies.
  • A very competitive price within your budget
The most cost-effective DataEntry software tool for Surveys

Many experienced users who process surveys, view the software as a simple utility, and not as a tool that can guide them through the entire processes of the survey. That is a fundamental difference between RotatorSurvey and other vertical software tools existing in the market, such as SPSS or SAS. These applications focus more on a specific function, such as the data capture, questionnaire design, data validation, etc. but not on the survey process as a whole. Thence "Rotator" is not only an excellent Data Entry program, but far exceeds the functionality and expectation of the researcher, who require processing any type of survey at a fair price. A DataEntry application should allow the data capture quickly, efficiently and reliably, minimizing the human error while typing. In contrast to our competition, Rotator automates the entire process of the survey in an systemic, inexpensive and very friendly way, which makes it very attractive for those with a low budget but high volume work.

Best low-cost Survey DataEntry software

The Rotator DataEntry module offers a set of screens that allows manual data capture in a friendly, safely and reliably way. Any person who has not used this type of software before, will be able to be productive in minutes. The user just press "Add new" and fields are displayed sequentially for its filling. If there are skips among questions, or special validation programmed by the administrator, the software is able to manage them transparently. Our inexpensive component "Rotator DataEntry" operates in two (2) modes: The "Interview" mode and the "Typing" mode, The "Interview" mode provides an interface that is more or less like the filling of a Web form, and it can be used by anyone in the organization without requiring any training whatsoever. The "Typing" mode is the preferred mode by advanced transcribers, since they get a higher speed while the software send them warnings if errors occurred.

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Figure 1. Data Entry screen in transcription mode

Are you looking to replace your old survey data entry program ?

You just found the right solution with us. With our low-cost professional software suite, you will be able to increase efficiency and productivity and to be always on budget. Transcription of paper survey data will not be a headache any more. Our reduced cost software tool will automate many PAPI survey processes including data validation, data capture and data cleaning. Once your data is ready for the analysis you can share it through the internet, export it to Microsoft Excel, to IBM SPSS or to analyze it straight in our Survey Analyzer software component at no charge.