"RotatorSurvey" offers a new aproach for Professional Survey Research: Fast, accurate and very User-friendly
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software suite for surveys
Components of the "RotatorSurvey" suite

RotatorSurvey is a suite of integrated software tools intended to Market, Social and Public Opinion Research companies that conduct surveys on paper (PAPI), phone interviews (CATI), online surveys (CAWI), mobile interviews (CAPI), and perform analysis of the data. Rotator consists of a base product called "Rotator Study Modeler" and several satellite modules, which can be added to extend its functionality. The basic software suite is composed by the "Rotator Study Modeler" and the "Rotator OLAP Analyzer", which are installed on any PC running the Windows operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and its previous versions.

software architecture for studies

  1. Study Modeler: Create the questionnaire and manage all study processes.
  2. OLAP Analyzer: Allows you to analyze the results: Create reports and charts.
  3. DataEntry: Allows the manual data entry for PAPI Surveys.
  4. Phone Interview: Allows to collect data for Phone interviews.
  5. Mobile Station: Allows to collect data by using mobile devices.
  6. Classifier: Allows to classify texts from open-ended question.
  7. Supervisor: Allows to supervise the process of data loading.
Advantages of "RotatorSurvey"
  • Friendly and easy to use; immediate productivity.
  • Covers all typical activities of the Study cycle.
  • Simple architecture minimizing the need of technnical support.
  • Multi-user processing, being able to load data, classify texts and perform the analysis on a network.
  • High quality of the Study processes with automatic revisions control.
  • Integrated to Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and export to SPSS.
  • Tested and certified by Market Research Firms affiliated to AMA and WAPOR.
  • Includes practices of leading markets research agencies worldwide.
"RotatorSurvey" offers:
  • Easily to create questions of all kinds.
  • Intuitive Skips logic and advanced options for controlling de flow of the interview.
  • Easy management of quotas by levels.
  • Support classification of open questions.
  • Support for continuous and Ad-hoc Studies: Panels and pulses.
  • Flexible OLAP Analyzer that allows you to create a variety of charts and reports.
  • Support of cross-sectional Studies with multiple waves of time.
  • Friendly Data Entry (Manual load module) for surveys collected in paper.
  • Support of concurrent collection methods: Phone interviews (CATI), Mobile interviews (CAPI), Online Surveys (CAWI) and Surveys on paper (PAPI).
  • Extensive control of technical and human errors.

The best practices systematized in a software
Rotator incorporates some of the best practices applied by global Market and Public Opinion research firms within the software. In this sense, thousands of studies have been tested and implemented using our software. Thus, the feedback and recommentions obtained by users of all levels has been rigorously evaluated and added. Aspects such as the management of the Participants Database on panels, the management of the quotas, the weighting of samples, among other features, has produced a comprenhensive and robust product which can be used by researchers and companies of all sizes.
Escalation without limits
With Rotator is possible to systematize small PAPI surveys that require one or two transcribers, up to large and complex studies that require the synchronization of hundreds of users: field pollsters, telephone operators, supervisors, analysts and administrators. In this regard, the processing architecture supported by Rotator can escalate from a single-stand-alone desktop PC up to hundreds of networked computers that access the study remotely that have multiple users with different roles; managers, supervisors, classifiers, field pollsters, data entriues, phone operators, data analysts, etc.

Basic Modules of the Platform (Paper)
Additional modules for data collection
Additional Supervising Modules
  • Rotator Data Collection Supervisor.
  • Rotator Classification Supervisor.