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I managed to install it perfectly, I loved the software, is very complete and easy to use, and very intuitive. Thanks!
Evelin Saavedra
Bogota, Colombia.
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DataEntry for PAPI Surveys

Many experienced users in paper-processing surveys software, consider the software as a simple utility, and not as a tool that can guide them through the whole process of the quantitative research project. This is a fundamental difference between Rotator and other software of its kind in the market, such as SPSS or SAS. These applications focus more on a specific need, such as the design of the questionnaire, the data clearing, some statistical tests, etc. but not in the process of the study as a whole. Thence "Rotator" is not only an excellence data entry utility, but far exceeds the functionality and expectation of those users who collect data from paper surveys. A Data Entry program for PAPI surveys should allow the data capture quickly, efficiently and reliably. Minimizing errors while typing and assisting the user if unwanted conditions on the data occur. Existing Data Entry programs could allow data loading by using transcribers, but they do not automate the entire research project in a efficient, inexpensive and friendly way as Rotator does.

The best PAPI data collection application for surveys

The Rotator Data Entry module consists of a screen that allows the manual data capture in a friendly, safe and reliable way, it may be used by advanced transcribers or by any person in the organization who have not been trained before, or who have a basic experience collecting data from paper surveys. To use this module, just press, "Add new questionnaire" and the system will display data fields for its sequential filling. If a skip or a flow formula is detected, Rotator will apply it just at the moment, and will move the cursor to the corresponding question to continue the data capture effortlessly. The Rotator Data Entry module can operate in two (2) different ways: Interview mode and Typing mode. The interface of the "Interview mode" is more or less the same as a Web interface, in other words, filling a questionnaire in the “Interview mode” mode is like filling an online questionnaire. On the other hand, the “Typing mode” is more primitive, but faster and more productive. This last is the preferred mode for professional transcribers, for advanced users, and for those who want to work faster, reliably or who need to load data in a very short period.


Finally, you have found the Windows App for capturing data from paper surveys that you were looking for. Here it is, "RotatorSurvey" is a set of Windows software tools that allows you to easily build a questionnaire with questions of all kinds, and then perform the data capture in a friendly and reliably way. The suite is composed by the “Rotator Model Builder” and several satellite components, to be used according to the desired capture method. These modules are: “Rotator DataEntry” for manual data capture; "Rotator Phone Station" to capture data via telephone interviews (CATI); "Rotator Mobile Station" for capturing data by using computer mobile devices, such as tablets, laptops, pocket PCs, etc. You no longer have to program cumbersome macros in Excel or become an expert user in SPSS; from now on with Rotator Survey, processing paper surveys will be easier, faster and safer. Download right away!.


The Rotator data-loading module, also called "Rotator DataEntry" consists of an easy to use screen that you can use to load data captured from paper surveys. This module may be used by anyone in your organization without any prior training, or by any person who has a minimum of training in surveys data loading. Just select the option “Add new” and then sequential fields will be displayed to perform the data entry safely and reliably. If skips or flow formulas have been defined by the administrator, these will be applied just at the moment and then the cursor will move right to the corresponding question. Rotator DataEntry can operate in two (2) easy ways: "Interview mode" and "Typing mode", The "Interview mode” provides an complete interface which is more or less the same as the filling of a Web questionnaire, while the “Typing mode” provides an interface that allows the manual entry in a faster and reliable way. This last mode is the preferred by advanced transcribers or for those looking for a faster way to load the data.

Did you know that most users with experience in paper-surveys processing programs, consider the software as a simple utility, and not as a tool that can guide them throughout the process of the study.? This is a basic difference between Rotator and other software that you've used before, such as SPSS or SAS. These programs focus more on a utility aspect as the data capture, the design of the questionnaire, or the quality control, but not in the process of the study as a whole. Thence, the product "RotatorSurvey" is not only a good DataEntry, but really exceeds the functionality and the expectation of traditional users processing paper surveys. Rotator Survey provides a friendly and powerful DataEntry to allow you to load data in a fast, efficient, and reliable way, thus minimizing technical and human errors. Existing dataentry programs are limited only to load data and to perform some validation. However, Rotator Survey automates the entire survey process as you've ever seen before!.


We have seen many small Market Research Companies performing data loading from paper surveys on traditional online surveys systems. In these cases, transcribers cannot achieve the levels of productivity expected by the end client. The Rotator Manual Data Entry Station was designed so that the user can achieve high-speed while loading data. When using a traditional online questionnaire form, a typical transcriber might load ten questionnaires in an hour; in contrast with this tool, they could multiply that number by ten. In conclusion, if you are looking for a program to load data from surveys in a reliable and fast way, Rotator could definitely be the application you are looking for.


Actually, there are not many options in the market for (surveys applied on paper) data-entry programs, the reasons is because many software manufacturers, developers and programmers prefer to program the tools of the future, which are not required in the present by the way, leaving a void in the market for this specific need. Few software development companies offer an option for PAPI data loading, among them are IBM-SPSS (USA), SurveyCrafter (USA), SnapSurveys (UK) and our company RotatorSurvey (Venezuela). For a complete list of companies that offer survey software solutions, you can review the directory at Capterra. As a last point, if you have audio recorded your interviews and do not want to type them manually. There are several software packages on the market designed to perform qualitative studies using voice, here we present the free tool Sonal, that may be interesting for you to include in your research projects that require audio-collected interviews.

Are you looking for a SPSS or Quantum substitute to process a survey?

Even today, SPSS and Quantum has been a program to traditionally process opinion and market research data. However, for several reasons the functionality of SPSS has been frozen for years. From the year 2000 up to now No more functionality has been added in the software. Therefore, the SPSS of the year 2020 is exactly the same as the SPSS of the 1990's. On the other hand, RotatorSurvey has been gaining ground as a substitute tool for SPSS, especially in Spanish-speaking countries, where the penetration of SPSS and the Rotator Survey has been extensive. In this sense, the Rotator Survey software package allows you to:

  • Run on any version of Windows, including Windows Server 32 or 64 bits
  • Integrates with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, allowing you to export and import data from one environment to another.
  • Continuous development of its interfaces. Although Rotator was born in the year 2003. It has not stopped growing and satisfying the multiple demands and needs of its users.
  • Constant online technical support and training for new users.
  • Increased productivity, empowering the user so that they can deal with simple surveys as well as very complex ones.
  • Integration with SPSS, allowing to export data in SPS format. Both the code book and the data are presented ready to be analyzed in SPSS.
  • SPSS Quantum consists of (mainly) two programs, each using a different syntax and a different approach.
  • Rotator does not use procedural languages to define variables or model data. All modeling of the data collection instrument, and its analysis frameworks are created automatically from the questions of the questionnaire. Therefore, interaction with the data is all done through friendly interfaces.