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There is a number of solutions to create, publish, and distribute Online surveys, these technologies are increasingly being used by market research agencies as well as by many organizations which perform social and political research world wide. The business model proposed by most survey system vendors is called SAS (Software as a service), which allows the user to get a fair price by paying a small monthly or annual subscription. We include in this list the solutions that we consider are the most robust:

SurveyMonkey It has become the standard de facto industry surveys, managing to be used by Fortune 500 companies and American universities, as well as the world's most. SurveyMonkey is a system for the Web that offers very friendly and intuitive, interfaces supporting many of the advanced options that senior researchers have wanted for years, the flow control or branching is very sophisticated as well as the types of questions available, the handling of messages, battery control of quotas and the art of the polls is achieved in a very simple and professional.

RotatorSurvey It is a comprehensive solution to be run on Windows machines, which covers all forms of catches, including not only the website, but paper, mobile and phone interviews. Rotator is an application that offers optimum quality, great security and centralization of data. Additionally the speed of creation of instruments is greater than that of any Web system, not dependent on an Internet connection. The system automates all phases of the quantitative survey using a graphical interface that consists of activities and steps, so the researcher always know at what point in the process is. Additionally the system offers an integrated module of quality control that performs thousands of validation data and the entire process, so ensure to exit a best quality data, allowing assertive and effective decision-making. System is offered in a way modulate according to the required functionality, for example: Rotator Survey Modeler, Rotator OLAP Analyzer, DataEntry, phone interview However the Rotator Online Survey, only requires the component Rotator Survey Modeler.

FluidSurveys It is a system of wide-ranging with a powerful component of online surveys, (although also provides options for offline surveys). Quickly and easily allows its users to create online surveys both simple and advanced in a few minutes. It addresses all the key processes of the survey as data collection, processing and analysis of the results, all in a safe, friendly and robust. FluidSurveys has very friendly and easy to use graphical interfaces offering options such as "Drag and drop" and images and user-friendly controls for the emptying of data, survey engine also provides advanced features such as the flow of interviews, skips, branches and advanced flow control, allows to export the captured data packages such as SPSS, Excel and PDF standards , PowerPoint, Word, among others. In addition to these features are added others to support mobile devices which can be connected or disconnected, what makes FluidSurveys a perfect tool for capturing data in field work. At the end of the capture process, the system provides all reports and charts that are built with a single click. You can find the free version of this robust system in the FluidSurveys Web site.

SurveyGold designed by Golden Hills Software, it provides a system for the design and implementation of simple and friendly online surveys. Surveys can be applied in a way multi-channel, i.e. using various types of media capture simultaneously such as Web, by phone, through questionnaire on paper, via email, via a kiosk, or face to face live with the respondent. The system is able to lift any number of surveys and collect unlimited responses. SurveyGold supports reports in real time with messages that are sent by email. It offers analysis of the results using easy to understand reports, charts and reports that can be customized by the user.

Survey Methods It offers dozens of styles predesigned to make surveys more attractive and thus achieve a higher rate of filling. You can include logo, change the size and color of the sources and adapt the questionnaire to match it with the brand and color of the organization. It is possible to customize invitations by e-mail, customize the error messages, texts of buttons and much more. The survey can be distributed in multiple ways to reach different audiences, by electronic mail, web integration and through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or even embed the survey in a web site or blog. Output reports are easy-to-construct allowing you to view individual responses or generate reports with consolidated data. It allows you to create graphs and tables to display the results; offering various filter criteria to separate the respondents in specific segments and compare and analyze those segments between them. The system allows you to export reports to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and PDF, and share reports securely with both colleagues and clients. Provided an application programming interface type API to integrate with solutions from third parties, such as ERP, CRM, HR, etc..

QuestionPro It is a wide-ranging and robust online survey software, designed to enable market research firms to create complex questionnaires and capture of data that will facilitate the collection of data quickly and accurately. In general terms, the software is easy to use and includes modules for the creation of instruments (survey Online) and for the analysis of captured data, these also form online. QuestionPro includes features professionals and advanced quantitative surveys, which allows both the survey and the data processing adapt to the harsh demands of any client, by very complex that the survey will be. It provides a technical and functional support customer 24 hours a day allowing that there are technical questions to be resolved in record time.

FeedbackServer It presents a robust and comprehensive system for the development of surveys and world-class data capture systems. Their survey system is based completely on the Windows environment, providing questionnaires generated in ASP.NET which are stored in a cloud service. For the construction of these questionnaires, the system provides various plug-ins that make that the forms are dynamic, powerful, and they have truly intuitive interfaces. It offers its users professional features for the management of online surveys and supports all questions, both simple and matrix. Being linked to the Microsoft .NET framework, access to Windows Active Directory is done in a transparent and reliable, This allows great security and confidentiality of the information captured and users in a transparent and safe handling. The main application that users give to this system is as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System), since the system is adapted to surveys of satisfaction, complaints and suggestions and feedback in general. The system supports multiple languages, allowing surveys can be seen in different countries and be answered in the natural language of the respondent. The system supports advanced features of the flow of interviews as ramifications and advanced skips. It allows to export the captured data SPPS, Excel and text supporting multiple output formats. Finally create flexible and powerful reports that integrate Microsoft Sharepoint platform.

CreateSurvey It is a Web application that allows you to create and manage professional online surveys, incorporating various question types, advanced branching mechanisms, options to skip or present questions and logic for advanced flow control. The questionnaire can be distributed via the Web, by invitation using the email, using popups, or even through to links in social networks. The system has tools to customize the questionnaire through designs and attractive themes. The user can start your design using preset templates, allowing a saving extra time. Whole system resides on the Web, so it is not required to perform downloads or installations of software on the PC. The system offers a gallery of predefined questions that can be used to reduce further the time of creation tools. It offers advanced options such as progress bar, notification of events by e-mal, etc. From the point of view of the analysis reports online of each question and filters it offers by different criteria, supports the cross tabulation, and many features useful to the researcher. Export to SPSS, MS Excel or txt files.

Confirmit It is a robust and scalable platform for capture of data that allows the user to create, manage, and analyze results from forms for data capture, supporting from a few cases up to millions of respondents. Platform benefits the market research firms to be able to contact a large number of respondents. The system also incorporates multiple capture modes, including Web, Smartphones and tablets. It also provides a useful online panel management sub-system to track each case.

Founded in 1982 by the company Creative Research Systems, The Survey System is one of those systems that has managed to stay active at the same time of the technological challenges of recent times. In the beginning, this system was designed to capture data on paper, but now supports all forms of capture including PAPI and CATI, CAPI, CAWI. The system comes as a modular, allowing you to adapt to all kinds of survey according to the chosen means of capture, e.g. through phone interviews, web surveys, auto - applied, printed on paper questionnaires, and even through the use of kiosks. In addition to this versatility, the system comes ready to support studies type panels and pulses, which makes it a useful tool for firms of all sizes market research. The system supports the logic of skips of all kinds and a powerful generator of reports, reports and graphs.

Survs presents a powerful system online to create questionnaires quickly and without many technical difficulties, the system generates quizzes online with a clean and simple interface which you can add themes and color schemes to make more enjoyable filling questionnaires by the respondent. The system is multi-channel, allowing you to collect the data using any method of capture, including direct links, email, social networks and other. The data are analyzed in real time with the particularity of offering advanced filters to analyze segments of interest of the researcher, it allows to export the data to Excel, CSV and SPSS.

SurveyPro, It is one of those tools that has evolved since the 90's, offers its users a powerful and very robust quantitative research tool, which allows quick and accurate decisions based on accurate information and data. The system is complete, since it covers all forms of capture including paper, web or kiosk/LAN surveys. SurveyPro enables to generate sophisticated reports and offers a robust and flexible analysis engine to display graphics and output reports. The system is easy to use which is achieved through a user interface simple and well documented.

Eval&GO It is a Web system that provides creation of questionnaires quickly, easy and intuitive, achieving a high customization of questionnaires and reports in record time. It offers interesting options such as the paging of the questionnaire and the report design customization. EVAL & GO offers a wide variety of question types and an unlimited number of possible surveys be applied via the internet. Given that Eval & GO has been designed for basic users, is not required to be an expert in statistics to understand the outputs of the system. The interface is very intuitive, so the user this ability to perform even simple or complex surveys with great speed and simplicity.

Survey Crafter It is a simple application for Windows, which allows the full modeling of quantitative surveys based on surveys. It allows the creation of instruments to be applied on paper with DataEntry, as well as surveys to be applied via CATI telephone interview or website for auto-aplicadas interviews. The software even though it is very good, because it manages to cover much of the typical processes of survey, is available only in English and technical support is also provided in English. Survey crafter has the advantage of being very robust because it is a tool with more than 20 years of development. Runs only on PCs with the operating system Windows.

Qualtrics online surveys system offers researchers and users in general a tool for the development of dynamic, powerful and flexible surveys, it offers a varied number of types of questions that can be customized to suit the questionnaire. The user interface offered is really very flexible and friendly. In addition to this, the system offers a gallery of pre-built templates to design the questionnaire tailored to the needs of the survey. Ultimately, Qualtrics is a system that has the capacity to respond to all the demands of a typical investigation, for very complex or simple it may be. The system offers a free trial version that users evaluate the benefits of the system.

Encuestafacil It is a Web development system Spanish which allows users to create and publish questionnaires Online using a simple and friendly interface. The system offers multiple methods of distribution such as mailing list, directly through the url, using link in a forum or blog, embedded within a Web page (iframe), popup, and it can even be printed on paper. It offers a battery of templates to define the interface graph of the survey and a battery of questions of all kinds to conform to any questionnaire for very complex or demanding that it.

SurveyGizmo It is definitely one of the most complete solutions and versatile to develop all kinds of surveys requiring any method of capture, Web survey module auto - applied is fairly comprehensive and covers almost all the requirements of questionnaire design having agencies of market research, such as flow control interviews, advanced management fees and extensive validation and quality control of the data. SurveyGizmo offers countless templates for the creation of the questionnaire and a battery of types of questions that far exceeds the expectations of the user. The express departure reports and graphs presented a without number of options, from mini - cross tabs to complex cross-table with all kinds of filters. Reports can be customized to achieve the look and feel of the desired data format. Management of the skips and branching of the questionnaire is very complete and extensive, managing to withstand any workflow rule required by the user. Data can be exported in multiple formats including Excel, SPSS, and text. Other Online systems that could be of interest to the researcher (Portuguese) Below is a list of some quantitative and qualitative research tools available on the market. The list was created by several universities in Brazil and published on the DEMOSKOPIA website: