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Thousands of users worldwide certify it!

Excellent support and lightning fast development!. Rotator fills the features gap left by the typical SAAS online survey apps. When you don't need branded urls or mass mailing Rotator is a good option. Tech support is very responsive and helpful. Developers implement new features / suggestions and are eager to improve. Also, many competitors seem to have no experience with actually conducting research themselves and ignore many professional features. So I would say Rotator is more advanced than some of the more well known brands.
Craig Kolb, Researcher
Acentric, South Africa
I liked the tool, it is very useful and I think the subscription is not expensive. The software is very complete, you have different options for creating your survey, you can program your questionnaire for online or paper. This is the first time that I use it, and it took me some time to understanding how to use some things, however I received a lot of help from Rotator Survey, the rest of the process went very smoothly.
Marcela Mendoza, Americas Business Intelligence Director.
Tetra Pak
I recently had to create a series of surveys, to tabulate and analyze its results. I decided to search the internet and found Rotator Survey. This program gave me the surprise of being very complete and extremely and "user friendly". I liked the fact that there are explanations and assistance on each step. Congratulations!!!
Roy Rivera, Coordinator of Education
Center for the Americas, Lincoln NE, USA
We found in Rotator a good choice for researching by phone (CATI). We are happy to know that even distant, the technical support is very attentive and efficient. In addition to this, the products offered have an excellent cost-benefit ratio.
Giovani s. Mendes Market Research Analyst
Santa Catarina-Brazil
I have three months using the software, which is very handy, economical and fast, and the support is excellent, they resolve all doubts and they even accept suggestions to improve it, congratulations to the Rotator Survey team.
Breno Souza
Dourados MS Brasil
I'm really happy to have found this application, as a user I'm totally satisfied, this is definitely the best tool for surveys I've ever tried, and also with an excellent customer service. Thank you very much for making this product available at a very ressonable price, and congratulations for that excellent service attitude!
Carlos Ojeda
Monterrey, Mexico
Thank you very much, the product is so good that I decided buy the license...the post sales service is even better
Cristian Buttie
This is a very intelligent and comprenhensive software. It fully covered my need to assess our strategies and plans trough surveys.
Humberto Iriarte
Orion Global Marketing, Venezuela.
I want to thank you for the support I have received, I finally understood the Analyzer....It's amazing...it literally saved my life!, it does wonders and save you a lot of time and money!!!
Juan Manuel Catano
Merida, Yucatan. Mexico
Honestly we love Rotator, it's very friendly and easy to use, we always share new ideas with the developement team so they can improve it even more.
Rodolfo Gruber
Maquinas 2000, Maracay, Venezuela
This software is amazing!. Very functional and affordable for any type of user.
Marlies Hernandez
Organizacion de la cultura, Sta Clara Cuba
We already did our first survey with Rotator, it was a small questionnnaire, but I loved the systematic that it was...
Javier Eduardo Villacorta
El Salvador.
Excellent product, I had the opportunity to experience it and I hope to make a full reasearch soon to check all its features.
Gustavo Reyes Lopez
Oxaca, Mexico
This is certainly one of the most flexible and user-friendly survey software that I've ever used. The variety of modules implemented is very complete. I have used only the CATI module so far, and I'm very satisfied with its performance; the design of the processes is also very intuitive and in general it is very user-friendly and is sold at a truly competitive price. I'm definitely considering escalate it to a more complete version that includes data collection with Smart Phones.
Gabriel Sarabia Rosales
Advisor in marketing, Mexico, Mazatlan
I want to thank you guys for this great initiative to create a high level software that covers this specific need in the statistical area. Your application is amazing, very user-friendly and innovative. Congratulations...!
Jose Luis Rosales Barrero
Universidad San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca, Bolivia
Dear, I had an excellent experience with the program; Its user-friendly, fast, practical reliable and also inexpensive, and Im very happy with the service too.
Jose Luis Rosales Barrero
Concepcion, Chile
I'm a Bachelor in political science and currently working as a Professor of Research Methods at the Superior School East of the Uruguay, located in the city of Colon. I downloaded your application to teach my students about how to design a questionnaire and perform its data analysis with this tool, which is excellent by the way!
Gloria Campodonico
Entre Rios, Argentina.
I am a teacher of graduate students in the area of marketing, I'm in the process of learning of this fantastic tool, seems to me this is the best for tabulations and reports....
Prof. Ricardo Simancas Trujillo
Universidad Simon Bolivar, Barranquilla, Colombia
"Rotator is our valuable tool at UNAM. Its quality greatly exceeds any teaching standards, and the software provides us with an opportunity to deepen quantitative research knowledge...."
Ernesto Herrera Molina
Facultad de Estudios Superiores UNAM, Cuautitlan-Mexico
Rotator Survey is definitely a great system to process surveys, greetings...
Gabriel Contalba Garante
Head of statistics at the Hospital of Curico-Chile
We found Rotator just by chance, we gave it a try, just for curiosity and the truth is that we got astonished...
Sergio Morresi
Universidad Nacional General Sarmiento, Buenos Aires - Argentina
"I am a community health teacher in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry from the National University of Trujillo in Peru. Every year we conduct surveys to study the incidence of different diseases. I use the results of these surveys as an input to develop some health promotion activities. The data collection had always been a cumbersome process until we found Rotator Survey. This tool is very useful. Thank you for making it available"
Percy Cruzado Lescano
Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Peru
We are happy with Rotator...it has a lot of interesting things...it fulfilled our expectations and even more... Thanks!
Nicolas Miro
Buenos Aires, Argentina
"RotatorSurvey is the best software in its class out there in the market... There was a colleague who was processing a questionnaire with SPSS, once we gave him a short training with Rotator, he changed immediately."
Lic. Jose Abreu Sanchez, UNICARIBE
Republica Dominicana
"I live in the city of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. I'm currently finishing my degree as a lawyer and my thesis work refers to the flexibility of labor policies and its negative impact on the economy of the workers and their family life, especially workers of the sugar mills in our region; for this work, I am preparing the respective surveys to gather the information in the field. I found that Rotator is an excellent product, easy to use; intuitive, fast and simple. I am very pleased with it and wish you success in your business..."
Alvaro Giron Grisales
"For me, SPSS is like a Mercedes Benz of the 1950's, and Rotator is a Ferrari turbo convertible but inexpensive..."
Rafael Ramírez
Caracas, Venezuela
"I give support to surveys applied by the Social Research Center where I work. We had developed our own data processing system in Access, which took us more than three years of work. After we download RotatorSurvey, we realized that it had all the features we planned to develop in the future. Definitely it doesn't worth to reinvent the wheel, we now use Rotator..."
Roberto C. Ugalde
Caracas, Venezuela
"Greetings from Chile, my name is Luis Henriquez and I'm doing my thesis of Social Work at the Universidad de Santo Tomas at La Serena, Chile. I'm currently working on my thesis and I've been using Rotator for modeling a questionnaire that I will be applying. Congratulations for your program, it simplifies things and being that it is not difficult to use, I take this opportunity to let it know, I liked how simple it is, and how easy to use it".

Luis Henriquez
"Congratulations for the great support that you provide, I was impressed with your efficiency!. Best regards"
Ing. Dayana Chinchilla
Alajuela, Costa Rica
Rotator is a software with a very friendly interface, I'm testing it and so far I am very satisfied with it...
Jose Ochoa
Lima, Peru
Having tried this excellent software is what motivated me to buy it...
Miguel Angel Chavez Morales
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Rotator seems very practical and complete to conduct CATI surveys and has a ressonable cost...
Katia Rojas
San Jose, Costa Rica
Great software tool!
Juan Carlos Rivas
Chillan, Chile
The software is very intuitive and user-friendly. Manuals are clear and complete. The Analyzer delivers clear and precise results. In general, the software is clean, easy to use, easy to understand and fair priced indeed. If I didn't have Rotator, I'd use Excel, but It'd take me weeks or months the get the same results. Excellent software, I would not hesitate to recommende it.
Pablo E. Velez H.
Bogota, Colombia
About RotatorSurvey...Believe me, this is a fantastic and and a very easy to learn program, it is very useful, at least to assess some academic issues that we research with surveys... My interest is to continue this assessment with my students and to learn even more... Greetings from the beautiful city of the Roses.
Morelia. Michoacan, Mexico
I downloaded the software and it was very useful. What we do is to create business ideas and them analyse them by using surveys, there is where we applied the software, and it worked really good!, I highly recommended this software to all those who wish to gather concise data. Apart from the fact that it has all what you need, it's very easy to use...
Diego Contreras Romero, Student
Universidad de La Serena, Chile
Hello, good morning, I managed to install the software and it worked perfectly, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that this is a great contribution to the research industry. Thank you and congratulations for this excellent work...
Kevin Aguirre
Tepic, Mexico
I had no problem to install the software, it is very useful and easy to use. It was really very helpful, I think it is an excellent tool...
Kendall Torres
San Jose, Costa Rica
The program is great!, although it was a bit hard to understand how to get the final results, but personally I think this is an excellent program, I recommend it widely!
Saludos, Francisco Martinez
With Rotator Survey I had no problems, it's been a pleasant experience. Thanks
Juan Francisco Montes Isiordia
Mexico DF.
I managed to install it perfectly, I loved the software, is very complete and easy to use, on-budget, and very intuitive.Thanks
Evelin Saavedra
Bogota, Colombia.
Good morning, last week I downloaded the shareware version of the software for a small research. In general terms this is a powerful tool for data capture, tabulation and analysis...
Mario Javier Brume Gonzalez, Docente ITSA
Barranquilla, Colombia
Hi!, I downloaded the software and it worked very well, it is an excellent program....
Jose Antonio Banda Espino, ORGANIZACION PROYECTA
Juarez, Mexico.
I installed the software and used it effectively with a group of student. It was a small research that required some manual data entry, but it was enough to notice the excellent performance and effectiveness of the software. We are very happy with the results. I highly recommend it, thank you.
Ing. Luis Fernández
Manizales, Colombia
Apart from the merits that the software has, I would like to highlight the excellent support given by the Rotator Software team, and the good predisposition they all have to offer solutions...
Alejandro Weihmuller
Cinco Saltos, Argentina
I am very satisfied with software, the performance is good, the installation process was fine, and the use has been very simple and intuitive... Congratulations for this program!, it's very comprehensive, dynamic powerful and good priced too...
Efrain Arias Garcia
Managua, Nicaragua