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RotatorSurvey® is a robust desktop application for the Windows® environment, intended to serious researchers, Market Research Agencies and Public Opinion Research companies of all sizes. Rotator is aimed at those users looking for a reliable system which allows them to maximize the productivity of the research team and to lower the costs. Rotator is among the best softwares in the market today to conduct professional surveys, quantitative research studies, questionnaires design and control of samples.

Rotator allows you to create questionnaires that will be applied in the field by using any data collection method, either be Paper, Web surveys, Phone interviews, Mobile devices and Kiosks. It allows you to control multiple surveys in parallel and offers you a reliable, secure and friendly data collection process. In addition to this, you may unify and classify open text questions and ensure the quality of your entire project. You may analyze results intuitively, or if required you can export your data to SPSS or Excel.

Data collection for surveys and polls

Create, apply, manage and analyze surveys and polls of all kinds using any data collection method: Tablets and Smart Phones, Paper, Phone interviews, Online and Offline, Kiosk surveys. With RotatorSurvey, the new software App for Windows, all is faster, more powerful and flexible than ever before. Calculate and process your samples with high quality and reliability, conduct face-to-face or phone interviews in a friendly and powerful way. A free version of the software is available for up to 100 cases.

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Easy to use and learn...

RotatorSurvey makes an effort on maximizing the productivity of the whole research team, allowing you to create easy-to-use data capture interfaces intuitive in just minutes, thus any user with a minimum training can create, conduct and manage surveys of any extension or complexity. The software has been designed in a structured way, so the user has just to follow ACTIVITIES and STEPS in sequential order, making the process very intuitive, fast and reliable.

  • 1. Download the App by clicking on the button "Download"
  • 2. Install the Setup and execute the "Surveys Modeler Pro"
  • 3. Create a questionnaire and add your questions
  • 4. Define skips and validation rules
  • 5. Publish the questionnaire in the cloud or print it on paper
  • 6. Download the questionnaire to the tablets
  • 8. Collect your data in the field.
  • 9. Analyze results in real-time
  • 10. Export your data to Excel or SPSS if needed

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A comprenhensive platform for Professional Surveys

RotatorSurvey is an integrated suite of user-friendly software tools intended to Market Research, Social Research and/or Public Opinion Research firms, as well as to any user who need to conduct surveys.

Thousands of surveys and users in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Ghana and more...