The Survey App for Windows

RotatorSurvey® is a robust desktop App for the Windows® environment, intended to serious researchers, Market Research Agencies and Public Opinion Research companies of all sizes. Rotator is aimed at those users looking for a reliable system which allows them to maximize the productivity of the research team and to lower costs. Rotator Survey is among the best softwares on the market and stands out for its ease of use, diversity of functions, friendly interfaces and thorough quality control.

RotatorSurvey allows you to create questionnaires that will be applied on the field using any data collection method, either be Paper, Web surveys, Phone interviews, Mobile devices or Kiosks working online or offline. It allows you to control multiple surveys and offers a reliable, secure and friendly data collection process. In addition to this, you can unify and classify open text questions and ensure the quality of the survey processes. You can analyze results intuitively or if required, you can export your data to SPSS or Excel.

Data collection for surveys and polls

Create, apply, manage and analyze surveys of any type, using any data collection method such as tablets, Smart Phones, data loading from paper questionnaires, telephone interviews, Offline questionnaires and online Web surveys, centralized kiosks with application in marketing surveys and organizational climate measurement. With RotatorSurvey, the new software package for Windows, now everything is faster, more powerful and more flexible. Calculate and process samples of quantitative research studies with high quality and reliability, perform face-to-face telephone interviews, in a friendly and reliable way. Rotator offers you a free trial version for up to 100 cases.

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The most complete survey software for Windows on the market

Easy to use and learn...

RotatorSurvey makes an effort to maximize the productivity of the research team, allowing you to create easy-to-use data collection interfaces intuitive in just a few minutes, thus any user with a minimum training can create, conduct and manage surveys of any extension or complexity. The software has been designed in a structured way, so users have just to follow ACTIVITIES and STEPS in sequential order, the process is very intuitive, fast and reliable.

  • 1. Download the setup by clicking on "Download"
  • 2. Install the setup and execute the "Surveys Modeler Pro"
  • 3. Create a questionnaire and add your questions
  • 4. Define skips and validation rules
  • 5. Publish your questionnaire in the cloud (or print it)
  • 6. Download your questionnaire to tablets or SmartPhones
  • 8. Collect the data in the field.
  • 9. Analyze results in real-time
  • 10. Export data to Excel or SPSS if required

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Colecta datos de encuestas con óptima calidad

Survey Best Practices

Through more than 15 years of experience, Rotator software has documented the best practices applied by market research firms, political opinion, social and electoral survey agencies operating worldwide. We have identified, condensed and packaged the collective knowledge of hundreds of companies in our software. In this way, Rotator becomes not only into a tool for creation and analysis of survey projects, but into a intelligent analytical system that warns and recommends the best actions for total quality assurance, aligning the project with World class practices from companies such as Kantar, Nielsen, Ipsos, IMS, among others.

Market research surveys software

The survey package

Easy and flexible: Rotator allows your surveys to be able to scale in number of questions, choices, sample size, operators. etc. and make any change even while in the field, without delays and without affecting the existing data or affecting the productivity of the work team.

Thousands of surveys and users in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Ghana and more...